House rules

Unfortunately, rules are inevitable in a community. In order to ensure that the following guests also feel comfortable, we ask you to observe the following rules.

  1. Energy
    In all our rooms on the first floor we have installed air conditioning for you. Of course, it is always at your disposal when needed, you can also adjust the temperature by remote control. However, due to the known high energy prices, we ask you to use the air conditioning only when you are in the room. The system cools down fairly quickly, so a long pre-run is not necessary.

Please make sure that the air conditioner is turned off when you are not using it, when you are traveling, or when you are outside in the living room or by the pool all day. For your thoughtful use, we thank you.

  1. Power outage

In Kenya, there are short power outages from time to time. We have an emergency generator on the property in case this happens during your stay. Our security service then takes care of the operation of the generator and also switches it off again when the power is back. This way you can be completely relaxed and don’t have to do anything. In the very rare case that our security staff does not notice the power outage for a long time, please contact our manager Maurice at +254 723 227701.

  1. Smoking

Smoking is not allowed in all our rooms and in the kitchen. We ask you to really respect the smoking ban in the rooms. The non-smokers after you thank you very much.
You are of course welcome to smoke outside, by the pool or in our small “bar”, various ashtrays are available.


  1. Pool area
    We do not have a supervisor at the pool. If you arrive with children, we ask you to keep an eye on your child/children yourself, as we cannot assume any liability.
    We also ask you to be careful with glasses at the pool, because broken glasses can hurt you and others if you step into the shards or in the worst case shards end up in the pool. We also have plastic cups in our fully equipped kitchen, which are much better for the pool.


  1. Towels
    We ask you to put towels on the floor in the bathroom when you need to change them. A towel on the towel rack means you’ll be happy to use it again, which is good for the environment.
    The same goes for the pool towels, which we are happy to provide you with.
    Our chambermaid is your contact person when it comes to matters concerning e.g. cleanliness or an early change of bed linen, etc.


  1. Feeding monkeys
    We ask you in no case to feed the monkeys, which sometimes find their way to our villa. Most of all, they come when you leave food, cookies or even sugar at the table unattended or forget to put things away. They are nimble and fetch “their prey”, can then also become somewhat aggressive if you try to take the prey away from them again, which usually does not succeed anyway, because they usually run away with the food very quickly and eat it up where they feel safe.
    The monkeys live in nature throughout the Forest Dream Resort, which means they have their natural habitat there and feed on coconuts, leaves and the like.


In general, if you have any questions, suggestions, requests or critism during your stay please ask our general manager:

Maurice at +254 723 227701 who speaks excellent English.

He is always very eager to find a solution for everything as quickly as possible, and is also happy to answer your questions and give you advice and support.